6 Kinds of Gluten-Free Pizza You Need to Taste

With more and more people choosing a healthier lifestyle, gluten-free products have become readily available. Nowadays, you can get to treat yourself with a plethora of tasty pizza alternatives instead of your regular gluten-free bread. Grab a spoonful of your favourite Italian dish without as much guilt here at Cucina Dolce. Try some of the best gluten-free pizzas in Melbourne.

What is a gluten-free dish?

Gluten is found in the most common food, such as bread, cereals, and pasta. This protein helps food maintain its shape while giving it a slightly chewy texture.
Gluten-free dishes have gone from weird food items to trendy meals. Most people enjoy products that contain gluten without any side effects. A small group of people may have a gluten intolerance or allergy. Shying away from the traditional meals, gluten-free pasta dishes uses healthier alternatives compared to rye, barley, and wheat.
Most of the ingredients in gluten-free dishes are quite low in calories, making for a healthier pasta even if you’re not on a gluten-free diet.
While having a completely gluten-free diet is not the best option for most people, it opens many delightful opportunities for everyone who wants to try something or for people who have severe gluten sensitivity.

Go Gluten-free with Pizzas

You don’t have to give up your favourite comfort foods whenever you wish to go gluten-free. All you need to do is find a great restaurant that offers excellent alternatives. The same goes for everyone’s favourite Italian dishes.

Nothing Quite Like It

Quite simply, gluten-free pizza is pizza made with gluten-free ingredients. At Cucina Dolce, we prepare our pizza bases fresh every day. With a combination of starches and flours, our doughs are perfectly crafted to achieve the right consistency and texture.

Our Gluten-free Pizza

Our Julian’s bases are free not only from gluten but from artificial preservatives and additives, making it a healthier and better choice. With an additional $4.5, you can have one of our gluten-free base for any of our gourmet and traditional Italian pizza. These are some of our top choices:

• Gourmet Vegetarian

This pizza is topped with cheese, mushroom, sundried tomatoes, grilled eggplant, peppers, spinach, garlic & feta cheese, which make it a perfect treat for you and your vegan mates. Packed with flavors, the topping combination offers a unique kick of concentrated sweet and savory that is hard to resist.

• Frutti Di Mare

One of our best-selling pizzas, Frutti Di Mare is indeed a crowd-pleaser. It is seasoned with tomatoes, fior de latte cheese, spring onions with marinated tiger prawns, fresh scallops and calamari. Why not savor this pizza with the flavors of the sea? You might be pleasantly surprised.

• Meat Lovers

Do you love to eat a tasty all-meat pizza, but you are on a gluten-free diet? Delight in a deliciously nice surprise. Satisfy your meat craving with the Meat Lovers. This pizza is packed with ham, salami chicken, beef, bacon, onion, and BBQ sauce. That’s every meat you could ever hope for in a slice.

• Aussie

What do Aussies love to have in almost every holiday celebration? Leg ham. That is why, at Cucina Dolce, we made a pizza just how Aussies, like you, would love it. With only 4 toppings, this pizza’s flavor doesn’t disappoint. The right combo of tomato, mozzarella cheese, leg ham, egg, and bacon sits well in your taste buds, creating an appetising haven of flavors.

• Avocado Chicken

Bored of eating the same old pizzas? Try this vibrant chicken and avocado pizza. It is interestingly topped with fresh breast chicken, sliced avocados, cheese, sun-dried tomato, capsicum and spinach, and garnished with honey mustard.

• Prosciutto

Many of our happy customers look forward to tasting our prosciutto. Its distinct taste draws a good kick of flavour in your palate. A supreme classic, this pizza loaded with prosciutto, sliced tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, spring onions, garlic topped with shaved parmesan, and rocket.

More on Gluten-free Dishes

Rice Pasta

Ever thought of using brown rice your linguine? Rice pasta is one of the most commonly used varieties for gluten-free pasta. Either brown rice or (especially) white rice closely resembles the taste of traditional pasta. White rice, however, lacks the nutritional value of brown rice.
Unlike white rice, brown rice has a mild flavour and chewy texture making it an excellent substitute for your favourite pasta dishes. More than the taste and texture, brown rice is also rich in carbohydrates, antioxidants, and important micronutrients, such as magnesium, and selenium.

Legume Pasta

Chickpeas and lentils are one of the most popular gluten-free pasta choices for the health-conscious buffs. It is a newer type of pasta that offers a nuance of texture. Some say they’re chewier than your average pasta.
Compared to rice pasta, legume pasta is high in protein and fibre — it offers twice the nutrients of traditional wheat pasta. This helps you reduce calorie intake and control your weight.

Quinoa Pasta

You keep hearing of the word quinoa. Most of your vegan friend choose this as a rice substitute. Quinoa is not only excellent as a rice replacement but for pasta as well. Quinoa is blended with other grains creating a slightly grainy texture and nutty flavour.
With all the health benefits that come with quinoa, you will certainly fall in love with this option. Munch in on your favourite pasta dishes with the added protein and minerals of quinoa. Delivering a healthy dose of magnesium, phosphorus, folate, copper and iron, you can enjoy your pasta with all the health benefits.

Cucina Dolce, For All Things Delicious

Looking forward to a delectable dish while on quarantine? Wondering what else can you feast on while social distancing? Cucina Dolce is open during the lockdown. You’ll be spoilt for choice with our range of menu option.
From healthier gourmet salads to gluten-free pasta drizzled with olive oil, you will be excited to taste mouthwatering varieties that are deliciously irresistible. Treat yourself with something nice today – we’ve got pasta, pizzas, salads, and breakfast meals.
Enjoy a scrumptious meal at Cucina Dolce and have a taste of the best gluten-free pizza in Melbourne today!
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