7 Things You Didn’t Know About Wood-Fired Pizza in Melbourne

The latest statistic reported that the average Australian eats at least two pizzas per month. But not all pizzas are made equally. For the tastebuds of diehard pizza enthusiasts, wood-fired pizza is still the best variant there is. Who can blame them? Its texture and aroma straight out of the oven are enough to set our hearts beating. Here at Cucina Dolce, we serve wood-fired pizza in Melbourne to satisfy your cravings.  


But before you dig into a slice, here are some interesting things that make wood-fired pizza truly a cut (or perhaps a slice) above the rest. In this article, we are going to touch on features and things you might not know about your favourite pizza. Grab on to your slice because some of these might surprise you 


1. Wood-Fired Pizza Has Another Nickname

We all know wood-fired pizza as the pizza with the perfect crust, colorful mix of fresh ingredients, and a delectable kick of artisanal sauces. Wood-fired pizza got its name from the woods that are used to heat the oven wherein the pizza is cooked. People often think that brick oven pizza is a different kind of pizza, but the truth is, they are one and the same.  


The different names might be misleading. In reality, wood-fired and brick oven refers to the same type of oven that is made out of a combination of bricks and clay. With a dome that keeps the heat in and brick that lines the opening.  


2. Cooking Needs No Electricity 

Perhaps one of the best things about wood-fired pizza in Melbourne and any parts of the world, is that they do not need electricity to operate. The magic starts by heating the oven with wood. Once the oven is hot enough, the pizza dough is popped in and ready to cook.  


Some modern industrial brick ovens do have thermometers built into the oven which use electricity. But that is still a lot less electricity than normal cooking methods.  


3. Wood Char Cooks It Differently 

Gas and electric ovens cook using direct heat usually emanating from electrical charges. Wood-fire or brick ovens, on the other hand, heat up and trap the heat at very high temperatures. When you cook pizza using wood fire, it chars the crust, giving it that crunchy texture and smoky flavour 


These distinctive features are extremely hard to replicate on electric ovens. The rapid heating causes toppings like cheese and sauce to settle into the dough nicely. From stretching the dough to laying the sauce and toppings, down to the finished product, wood-fired pizza truly is a craft.  


4. Different Wood Types, Different Flavours

Great-tasting wood-fire pizzas are cooked using select woods to enhance the taste and flavour. Any pizza oven can work with various types of wood. Different woods can affect the flavour differently as well. Take cherry which enhances the tang of tomatoes, or apple wood that accentuates the aroma, for example. The more you explore the world of wood-fired pizza, the more you will discover about peculiarities like this.  

5. Crispier and Healthier

In brick ovens, the toppings and cheese cook off quickly which effectively keeps the crust from getting soggy. This fast-acting crisp effect seals the moisture in the dough, allowing the dough to properly support the toppings. It does all this while retaining the freshness and even enhancing the flavours of its toppings.  


Another great thing about wood-fired pizza is that the steps and ingredients used result in a healthier pizza. Unlike some commercial pizzas that are usually stuffed with extenders, artificial sauces, and low-quality cheeses, wood-fired pizzas are made with fresh and natural ingredients only.  


6. Faster Cooking Time

If you want a quick meal that can fill your tummy in no time, then wood-fire pizza is the perfect fix. Here at Cucina Dolce, we cook our wood-fire pizza in Melbourne in a special brick oven that can retain heat for days! Whenever the craving hits, we can prepare the dough right away and just as quickly get it out of the oven. It will be sent straight to your doorsteps in no time.  

7. As Authentic as You Can Get

Have you ever wondered how pizza was made before commercial ovens were invented? You guessed it – wood fires. Ovens that are powered by wood fires have existed for a long time. It is not impossible to conclude that the earliest pizzas were made using this technology.


In fact, the AVPN (True Neapolitan Pizza Association or Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana) has set some strict rules on making authentic Neapolitan pizza. One of these rules requires the use of wood-fired pizza oven to achieve the authentic flavour 


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