Bayside Pizza Delivery: What Italian Dishes Can You Enjoy at Home During Lockdown?

While the threat of the coronavirus is still present, people are forced to shelter in place and stay at home if possible. In fact, in some cities across the country, locals are still asked to self-isolate and strictly practice social distancing. 


Whether you’re a home buddy or you hate the idea of staying at home, the extra time spent indoors means a lot more food takeaways and deliveries. So, here’s a list of some Italian dishes you can enjoy at home through Cucina Dolce’s Bayside pizza delivery service.  


Bring Italy at Home and Order Italian Dishes for the Family

Game nights and celebrations can be made special with a slice of Cucina Dolce’s wood-fired pizza. And the good thing is that you don’t have to be dining in at the restaurant to enjoy your favourite pizzas. Our Bayside pizza delivery service lets you experience the best Italian dishes in the comforts of your home.


If you’re worried that you’ll be eating the same food all day, every day, well, we are happy to tell you that you don’t have to. Bayside pizza delivery doesn’t only offer mouthwatering pizzas.We also have fresh wraps, bowls of pasta, and even desserts. 


Nobody Says No to Pizza

Gourmet Vegetarian 

Topped with cheese, mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, grilled eggplant, spinach, garlic, and feta cheese, this pizza is a delightful treat for you and your vegan roommate. It is packed with appetisingflavours and loaded with toppings that make you want to gobble up a slice or two. 


Frutti Di Mare

This pizza is one of our best-selling pizzas. It is topped with all things delicious – tomatoes, fior de latte cheese, spring onions with marinated tiger prawns, fresh scallops, and calamari. So, if you’re down for some seafood and pizza action, Frutti Di Mare is an excellent dish that will satisfy your cravings.   


Meat Lovers 

If you want a tasty-all meat dish, you’re in for a treat with the Meat Lovers pizza. Since BBQ parties are not recommended during the quarantine season, you can just enjoy a slice of this pizza and recreate that feeling. It is loaded with ham, salami, chicken, beef, and bacon. You can tuck in all the meaty goodness in one slice.  


Wraps for Every Meal

The work-from-home setup might be eating up your time to prep for a nice meal, so why hassle yourself when you can call our Bayside pizza delivery service? 

Whether you need a quick lunchtime meal or you’re looking for a delicious and hearty snack, wraps are a satisfying treat to stave off your hungry tummies. 


Grilled Chicken Wrap  

Do you miss eating lunch in the restaurant? Well, we can bring excellently prepared meals right at your doorstep. You can relish Cucina Dolce’s scrumptious grilled chicken wrap while working from home.  

The Helga’s grain bread gives a perfect textured crunch in every bite. It is seasoned with our blend of Peri-Peri sauce and filled with the right balance of grilled chicken breast, fresh spinach, and charred pepper.  


Kafta Wrap  

Want a dish that’s bursting with flavours? The Kafta Wrap offers a refreshing take on lamb and hummus spread. With every bite, you can savour the rich taste and texture of the grain bread with all the delectable filling.  


A Forkful of Pasta Goodness   

Craving for pasta? Whether you want it for lunch or dinner, you can delight in the best pasta dishes perfect for any mealtime or occasion. You can pick among our pasta dishes for delivery:  


Penne Tonno  

If you want to indulge in something healthy and fresh, this dish is for you. The pasta’s perfectly savoury chunks of tuna in Rosa sauce gives that umami flavour, so you know you’re in for a treat. Its flavour has the right balance of savoury and creamy.   


Prawn Linguini  

This pasta is one of Cucina Dolce’s award-winning dishes. So, it’s worth a try. Order the Prawn Linguini for your next Bayside pizza delivery service. Every plate is loaded with pan-fried tiger prawns in lemon butter, white wine, and chilli. It is also tossed with spinach and fresh linguini.   


Burgers, Burgers, and More Burgers  

Burgers for lunch, dinner, or whatever? Why not? With Cucina Dolce’s burgers, you get the best of everything – the cheesy and meaty goodness, the freshly picked vegetables and the sauce that makes you want to eat more.   


Cucina Granda Burger  

Indulge in a bun of charred juicy beef patty, cheese, a slice or two of Spanish onions, green leaf lettuce, and a bit of honey mustard sauce with Cucina Granda Burger. This exquisite combination is a delight for everyone, especially burger lovers.  


Portugese Chicken Burger  

Want a burger that doesn’t have a beef patty? You can satisfy your burger cravings with the Portugese Chicken Burger. It is a whole meal bun with marinated chicken breast, cheese, lettuce, onion, tomato, Peri-Peri sauce, and chips on the side.   


Insalata: Eat Fresh and Healthy   

From the pizzas to greens, we guarantee to have a wide variety of menu items. Cucina Dolce’s Bayside pizza delivery ensures to serve your fresh salads every time you order 

Milano Chicken Salad  

Do you love the taste of zesty and salty rich seasoning? This light and crunchy Italian-style chicken breast salad delights your tastebuds with a nice explosion of flavourful goodness – the crumbed chicken, fresh rockets, Spanish onions, and tomatoes. 


Caesar Salad   

The creamy, rich, and tangy taste of our specialty Caesar salad is to die for. Every bowl served is made with fresh Cos lettucebaconanchoviescroutons, egg, and parmesan. You can also top it with chicken or prawn; the choice is yours.   


Lockdown Meals? No Problem with Cucina Dolce!   

Did you end up craving for delicious Italian food after reading this blog? Get your food fix with our Bayside pizza delivery service. Visit our website to find different services, like pizza party offerings, catering, and other exciting meal deals.   


Taste good food right at home with Cucina Dolce’s delivery service. We have a team of professional chefs who will accommodate your food cravings even during the COVID-19 crisis.   


Our goal is to help bring joy and flavour in these unprecedented times. Order our meals today by calling us at 03 9772 9091 

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