7 Best Party Meal Deals for All Occasions

Food brings people together, and any occasion would not be complete without delectable meals that everyone loves. While your go-to meal is probably different from your friend’s, both of you would agree on anything that is filling, tasty, and memorable. The same goes when people gather for an occasion, like a wedding, birthday, or party. Guests may not have the same taste in food, but if dishes bursting with flavours are on the table, they will enjoy them as much as they enjoy their favourite meals. 


It’s true that different occasions require various meals. And because of that, it can be challenging to curate dishes that will please everyone’s taste buds. But save your worries now because we will help you come up with excellent meal ideas for your next event. The list below consists of party meal deals for all occasions, and it will be your next favourite thing, especially when you like organising or hosting events at home or anywhere you like. Continue reading below to learn more.

1. Cook at Home

You will never go wrong with home-cooked meals because they are the best when it comes to health and taste. Although cooking at home is surrounded by pros and cons, probably because people are sometimes afraid to give it a try. But those who have done it know the magic associated with cooking in the comfort of their own kitchen. All this makes homemade dishes ideal for many occasions, especially when family members and friends are the guests. Or any event that you would be hosting at your place. You can bring your signature meal, and people will remember you for that. 

2. Have Your Food Delivered

As much as some like to cook their food at home, many circumstances won’t allow people to prepare their meals. Most of us work 8 hours a day, and dedicated employees even spend more time at work than they are supposed to. If this is the case, there are only a few hours left to do other things, which mostly would only involve resting and spending quality time for themselves. Because who wouldn’t want to take a break after a long day? If cooking cannot be squeezed into your to-do list, you can have your food delivered, whether for a solo dinner or a special occasion.  

3. Shared Meals? Why Not

Another party meal deal option is shared food. Although sharing meals was being avoided because of the pandemic, nothing is more intimate and subdued than eating with your friends and family. The best thing about shared meals is that you are not only eating food but also socialising and connecting with other people on any occasion. The way shared meals bring people closer creates new memories around the table. Studies show that sharing food and eating together with family and friends improves mental health. Sharing meals not only makes you enjoy delicious food; it also affects your emotions positively. 

4. Serve Finger Foods

If there is one thing that is a crowd-pleaser, it would be finger food. Whether hosting a party or headed to a potluck, you can’t go wrong with easy-to-prepare and portable finger food. Like shared meals, serving finger food at an event encourages guests to socialise while enjoying tasty treats. You are no longer required to use a spoon, fork, or knife to eat because, as the name suggests, finger food is eaten using your hands. It is as easy as jabbing a piece and popping it into your mouth. With less work to do, your hands have more room for drinks. Even kids will enjoy finger food because it is easy and fun to eat. 

5. Hire a Food Truck

Food is always a huge part of many occasions, and there is no way they would be complete without hearty meals. But pleasing everyone isn’t as easy as it seems. Why not get the perfect solution the next time you host an event? Hiring a food truck has been all the buzz for some time now, and it is not hard to understand why. Food trucks are one of the best that you can get when it comes to different food options without the hassle of catering or cooking. Whether large events or smaller gatherings, a food truck can be an excellent choice, too. There is always something for everyone on every food truck! 

6. Consider Buffet

Before deciding how food will be served at an event, consider first the occasion’s theme, the number of guests, and dish preferences. When you have all this sorted out, start choosing among an array of party meal deals. If you organise large events, a buffet is the best option because it offers a variety of tastes and goes easy on your budget. The best part is to include more dishes on your menu, from starters, entrées, and desserts. Guests can get at least two rounds of food, which will surely satisfy them on any occasion. 

7. Book the Best Caterer

Hosting an event can be overwhelming. From booking a venue down to deciding on a menu, all this comes with a lot of challenges and can take up much of your time and effort. But the most hassle part is being stuck in the kitchen, making sure that every platter is perfectly arranged and everyone has something to drink. How can you even enjoy an event you organise when you can’t take time to talk to other guests? Give yourself grace by hiring a caterer to help you plan a memorable event for any occasion. A party meal deal like this will save you from all the stress of hosting a party. 

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