Food Trip: Finding the Best Breakfast in Chelsea

Chelsea is one of the budding neighbourhoods popular for its rich and beautiful coastline beaches. Other than the clear and gold sands of Chelsea Beach, there’s more to love about this place. Embrace the vibrant café and restaurant scene that will surely lure you to some of the best and finest meals there is.
Are you searching for a weekday breakfast spot that’s family-friendly and perfect for groups? Look no further than Cucina Dolce. We offer the best breakfast in Chelsea
Aussies know a thing or two about coffee and delightful treats, and Cucina Dolce brings both – plus lots of scrumptious meal for you. As you enter the space, you’d be welcome with large communal tables surrounded by the cosy feel of the restaurant’s layout.
This Italian restaurant is not only perfect for romantic date nights, but it is also an excellent breakfast option for friends looking to hang out for a quick brekkie.
With more and more new cafes and restaurants sprouting up in the area, you’d get to enjoy the strolling around town as you take on a quick food trip. After breakfast, you can visit Bicentennial Park or dip your toes in Chelsea Beach.
Interested in day-time hangouts? Well, late Friday fun night outs are kind of overrated. Why not try something different? Bask in the morning sun as you gather up with your friends and enjoy the best breakfast Chelsea’s got to offer right here in Cucina Dolce.

Your Ideal Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. There’s no denying that a good breakfast makes all the difference for you to kick start your morning. That is why it is essential to have a full and heavy breakfast meal before even starting your day.
Make your tummies happy with yummy treats that go beyond your usual bacon and eggs. You can pick from our specials and even spoil yourself with the extras.
Take pleasure in finer mornings and choose among our breakfast options:

Scones + White Chocolate

Who wouldn’t want to experience an English breakfast in the land down under? If you do, this breakfast treat is for you. Scones best paired with fresh cream or jam. You will definitely want to wake up early not to miss this delight.

French Toast

Another classic breakfast food, Cucina Dolce’s French toast is made from egg coated sourdough grilled topped with crispy bacon and grilled banana. This dish won’t be complete without a drizzle of maple syrup and a dash of cinnamon sugar dust.
Wondering if it’s too early for ice cream? Well, not for our French toast. You can add a scoop of ice cream for $3.

Eggs your Way

Eggs are always a breakfast staple. From scrambled, sunny side up, to omelette, Aussies love their eggs in the morning. That is why we’ve created this dish. Eggs your way is one of our quick breakfast munches. It’s a simple dish you can enjoy when you are in a hurry.
You can choose whether you’ have your eggs poached, scrambled, or fried. This dish is best served with a toast and grilled tomato on the side.

Green Eggs & Ham

Have you heard of Dr. Seuss story, “Green Eggs and Ham.” Well, if you grew up reading Dr. Seuss stories, then get excited to taste one of the meals in those stories. This simple meal can be eaten any time of the day. If you are thinking whether pesto tastes good in eggs, you’ve got to try it for your next breakfast and enjoy a flavourful meal in a snap.
This is a loaded meal mixed with pesto scrambled eggs, shaved leg ham, wilted spinach with pumpkin seeds and toasted walnuts on sour dough.

Dolce Smash

Are you in it for the avocado toast? You’re not too late for the avocado toast craze. Hop on trendier mornings and try the Dolce Smash.
Our rendition of avocado toast, the Dolce Smash, is an indulgent treat. The dish has feta on rye with hummus and smashed avocado topped with pumpkin seeds, dukkah, and poached eggs.

Chorizo Hot Pot

This Mediterranean dish is equally savoury and healthy. Its rich soup texture oozes with flavour. It’s a deliciously hearty meal that everyone enjoys in the morning.
You’ll get to taste every bite of chorizo, with mushrooms, baby spinach, and olives with a Napolitana sauce. To finish it off, this dish is drizzled with hollandaise sauce and topped with floated poached eggs. It is best paired with toasted sourdough.
After eating this meal, you’d definitely say you’ve experienced the best breakfast in Chelsea.

Find Your Sweet Breakfast Treat

Whether it’s scones, trendy avocado toast, or a fully loaded hotpot, there’s no better way to start the day than with a special breakfast. However, many just simply skip it. If you lead a busy life, you may be thinking, “who’s got time for breakfast?” Nonetheless, having a busy and hectic schedule is not an excuse to skip the most important meal of the day.
Make mornings more memorable with breakfast meals. Create more moments and open opportunities for you to develop a healthier lifestyle as you take on a food trip with your friends and family.
Appreciate mornings even more and quit the hurry! Try the best breakfast in Chelsea today.

Cucina Dolce, Mornings Made Better

Waking up early in the morning doesn’t have to be so bad if you dine in the best breakfast in Chelsea. Fancy some delicious scones best paired with our award winning coffee. Make Cucina Dolce your favourite breakfast place as you tuck in a hearty morning meal.
Other than our delightful morning treats, we also offer tasty Italian dishes and delicious wood-fired pizza for you and your family to enjoy. More than its vibrant culture and destinations, Chelsea is home to some of the best food places you wouldn’t want to miss.
Visit us at 8 / 426 Nepean Hwy Chelsea, VIC 3196 to experience new and authentic Italian flavours. We are open to serve you! For deliveries, you can also 03 9772 9091 or book through this website at
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