A Comprehensive Guide to Authentic Italian Gourmet Pizza Toppings 

Pizza is among the most popular Italian dishes in the world. Every country in the world probably has its own version – a fusion of their local delights and Italian toppings. While everyone loves a good slice of pizza, not a lot of people know about the authentic Italian gourmet pizza toppings.


If you’re one of the many people who are wondering why their pizza is oh-so-delicious, thank not just the artisan pizzaiolos, but the type of toppings on the pizza too. From farm-fresh ingredients to authentic Italian flavours, every topping variant makes the interesting difference between a mouthwatering and an uninviting pizza slice.


Want to taste some authentic pizza toppings? Try pizza topped with these delightful ingredients:



Truffle on your pizza? Why not? Nothing beats the flavour of truffle toppings. The rich and luscious taste of the truffles surely turns any kind of dish into a welcoming delight – and how much more when you put in on a pizza?


This decadent treat coats your taste buds with everything you want in one bite. However, if you want to enjoy a truffle pizza, you might have to spend some extra cash on this luxurious and authentic Italian gourmet pizza. However, if you’re in the bootshaped country, it’s surprisingly inexpensive at anywhere between nine to sixteen euros.



While this is not one of the popular pizza toppings you’ll find in most pizzerias, the eggplant comes as a welcome surprise to any foodie. This healthy vegetable topping excites your tastebuds with its natural flavour and unique texture. It melts in your mouth as it perfectly complements with any kind of cheese and sauce varieties.   


So, if you want to explore the world of authentic Italian gourmet pizza, you should consider adding eggplant in your top pizza toppings list. After one bite, you’ll know why it’s high up on our list.   



What’s your favourite pizza? Is it filled with bacon or loaded with meat? Well, if it is, you’ll definitely enjoy munching on pizza topped with prosciutto bits. Prosciutto, also known as ‘Italian bacon’, is a staple meat for many Italian dishes – especially on pizza. Its signature smoky and salty flavour blends well with any kind of sauce and toppings.

Italian Four Cheese

If you’re a cheese lover, you’ve probably tasted some of the best cheese out there – from Parmigiano-Reggiano, mozzarella, provolone, pecorino-romano to a unique combination of all. While cheese is one of the most popular pizza toppings, the authentic Italian four-cheese makes all the difference. Every cheese topping adds a distinct flavour profile to the pizza.   


What’s good about the four-cheese topping is that it goes well with any other topping – be it honey, walnuts, or even blue cheese to give everything a much sharper contrast of flavours.



Some people hate adding a hint of seafood to their well-loved pizza, but anchovies are an interesting exception, particularly white anchovies. It has a milder flavour which makes it an excellent seafood substitute for people who don’t want the overpowering and strong flavour of any other seafood. Since it has a light and mild flavour, it can be paired perfectly with any type of cheese or sauce.

Tuscan Sausage

Add a nice kick to your pizza with this Italian sausage variety. Its hint of spicy and smoky flavour create a delicious contrast yet still very well-balanced taste that will truly leave you wanting for more. You can pair it with a white cheese base to achieve the tastiest flavour.


Every bite of a pizza topped with Tuscan sausage will leave you wanting to move to or visit Tuscany ASAP. So, if you want that delicious and unique flavour to coat your taste buds, you’ll never go wrong with Tuscan sausage. The best thing is that it’s also great as a stand-alone dish, so if you’re dining out and your friends are pigging out while you’re on a diet, you can just eat some Tuscan sausage bits



Other than truffle mushrooms, Italian gourmet pizzas are popular for their mushroom toppings such as Portobello, Chanterelles, and Porcini. They’re not only scrumptious but incredibly packed with healthy nutrients and vitamins. Mushrooms are among the most nutritious toppings since they’re rich in vitamin C and protein which helps boost your immune system. So, if you want a guilt-free pizza-eating binge, pizza topped with mushrooms is your best bet


Want to spice up your pizza? Do you want to try a different and more flavourful kind of cheese other than mozzarella? Then you should give burrata a try. It is a lighter and softer cheese. What makes it even more interesting is it is a combination of cream and mozzarella, which is why the texture and taste are soft and buttery. Most pizzerias suggest to top pizza with burrata, tomatoes, and arugula to achieve that rich, healthy, yet authentic flavour.


Basil is another one of the most common toppings you’ll find in every Italian pizzeria. It is sweet and delicious, giving a nice contrast to the rich and decadent flavour of the cheese. It goes well with pasta sauce, summer salads, and of course, pizza.


Instead of chopping it up into small pieces, most Italian chefs top their pizzas with full leaves of basil. When you want to try a pizza topped with basil leaves, it’s best to keep the ingredient to a minimum – just sauce, cheese, and oil.   


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