5 Meal Deal Delivery Tips to Save Money

Why are food delivery services so popular these days? 


During the pandemic, many things changed. From implementing strict border controls to temporarily closing businesses, all of this leads most of us to be quarantined in our homes. With limited access to the outside world, meal deal delivery services became a necessity than a desirable comfort. And it gave us secondary passage to all things out of reach. 


Now that the economy is slowly getting back to normal, and we can go out without worrying too much about our well-being, the trend of ordering food has not slowed. The dramatic increase in food takeout during the pandemic is here to stay. However, while many lean toward the convenience of food delivery, it costs more compared to preparing home-cooked food yourself. 


Paying someone else to make your meals will always be more expensive than cooking at home, and that is why we gathered some tips and tricks to help you save money every time you order food online.

5 Times You Can Save Money on Takeaways

Without a doubt, takeaways hold a special place in many people’s lives, especially students on a budget or people working in the corporate world, where access to filling meals can sometimes be challenging. As much as we don’t want to think about it, ordering from an online food market costs more.  


So, how do you order your favourite food while at the same time sticking to your budget? Here’s how. 

1. Avoid Using a Third-Party Site or App

It may seem unlikely because food delivery apps are top-rated these days. When you mention takeaways, they are easily associated with third-party platforms, like a site or app. But most people don’t know that sellers are required to give away a portion of their sales to cover the services provided by third-party partners. 


To recover this expense, sellers tend to sell their products at a higher price on food apps or sites compared to how they are priced at physical stores. There are no negative implications attached to the additional fees incurred when a seller uses a third-party platform to sell products. After all, profit is what keeps these businesses going.  


If you don’t have money to burn for the added expense incurred by a third-party app or site, find your way around ordering directly from your go-to restaurant. Most businesses have integrated delivery into their services to reach more customers and provide convenience. With this, you don’t have to pay extra for the delivery. A business with a delivery service no longer requires spending on additional expenses by using a third-party platform. Some of them even offer a slight discount on your order. 

2. Always Take Advantage of Cashback

Although you are told to avoid online takeaway sites or applications, the reason is that they are usually more expensive than direct orders. But, as long as you get the value for money when ordering on a meal deal delivery application or site, nothing stops you from enjoying your favourite meal. 


One more thing that you should not miss is cashback. It is a popular deal between a credit card company and online retailers. The retailer has to share a portion of the money back with the creditor for every purchase. When the bank opts to share a percentage of these earnings with the customers, it is when cashback is created. Some sites offer special cashback on selected restaurants. Grab the chance and take advantage of this deal before it runs out. 

3. Choose Pick Up Instead of Delivery

We know that even if you can pick up your orders, you would still prefer to have them delivered. Sometimes, it is a challenge to go out, given that everyone has something to be busy with or just doesn’t want to. But whenever you get the chance, why not have a walk out of your house and go down the road to pick up your takeaway in person?  


Fees make food delivery services expensive. If you collect your orders yourself at the restaurant, you can keep the amount supposed to be for the delivery. In doing so, you will keep the costs low without sacrificing your meal. Moreover, you will be able to do cardio exercise before you eat, which helps burn some of the extra calories you gained from sitting all day. Also, you are doing the environment a favour by minimising your carbon footprint in your little way. 

4. Order in Bulk

Ordering in bulk from food delivery services can save more money than ordering one meal at a time. You only pay a one-time delivery fee when you order a few meals, and it is more practical compared to ordering one by one. The downside of bulk orders is that you get a lot of food in one sitting. But it would not be a problem if you shared the food with your friends or family members. Bulk order is ideal for gatherings and special events like birthdays, parties, and other occasions. 

5. Make Your Own Takeaway

The main attraction of ordering from a meal deal delivery app or site is the sheer lack of effort required. However, making your own takeaway will save you more money than finding a better way to utilise food delivery services. Take a closer look around you; there are budget-friendly recipes you can do at home. If you have a few hours free in the evening, take this time to prepare your meal. Cooking your own food gives you creative liberty that allows you to make your food taste just how you like it.

Discover More Meal Deals with Cucina Dolce

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