Tips To Go: Pasta Delivery Hacks You Can Do to Keep Your Food Fresh

Home delivery services, subscription meal kits, and mail-order food are convenient ways to enjoy your favourite meals, especially with the coronavirus crisis. It lets you stay at home instead of shopping for groceries or dining out. While you love ordering from these services, you also need to be cautious and aware of food safety. 


Food safety is essential for pasta delivery or any meals delivered in your home. Proper food handling and storage is the key to prevent food poisoning. Whether food is cooked at home or delivered by a local service, it needs to follow proper handling and storage guidelines. This way, you can enjoy meals without getting sick.  


Keeping Pasta Fresh and Healthy  

Be honest! You are also a fan of pasta delivery services. Well, who isn’t? If you ever tried ordering more pasta that you can finish in one sitting, then what do you usually do with those leftovers? They can be tough to part with, but who says you have to? Great news! There are many ways of keeping food fresh.  


While cooked pasta meals usually have the best flavour and texture, you can still enjoy leftover pasta for later. We’ll show you the best ways to store cooked pasta on your fridge, without them getting all stuck and mushy so you can reheat it for a quick meal or a midnight snack.  


Storing Unsauced Pasta 

Every time you order from your favourite pasta place, you can try and ask them to separate your pasta from the sauce. Most restaurants even practice this method because it is the most effective way to deliver fresh and hot pasta. So, if you have leftovers from your pasta delivery orders, you can store them in an airtight container. You can refrigerate it up to four to five days. For the sauce, you can refrigerate it separately from the pasta. It can be stored for a maximum of six to seven days.  


Separating the pasta from the sauce prevents it from soaking up too much flavour and oil. If you will not use the cooked pasta within the suggested period, then it must be frozen in your freezer. This trick can help keep your pasta fresh for, at most, three months.  


When refrigerating or freezing cooked pasta, you need to choose a well-sealed or airtight container so that it will not absorb any odours. However, it’s advisable to eat and keep pasta leftovers for not more than a week.  


Ordering for You and Your Family 

Before, eating out was once a lifestyle many people enjoy – from exploring different cuisines and visiting new restaurants to dining out with friends. However, eating out is not the best option for you to enjoy your meals today. With pasta delivery and food takeaway services, you can still relish your favourites and satisfy your cravings. You can follow these guidelines to ensure you’re keeping you and your family safe and healthy.    


Ask questions first. 

Whether you’re familiar with the restaurant or not, it’s best to do your research and call customer services to ask about their food safety and handling standards. It is vital to know these things, especially if you’re ordering food for someone who is more likely to get food poisoning. 


Do not forget to ask them on how they respond on meals delivered at an unsafe temperature or meals that are otherwise not safe to eat. 


Only order when someone is at home.  

Having your food delivered is most convenient when someone receives it while it’s still fresh. So, if you’re craving for pasta while on your way to the grocery shop or doing your chores outside the home, order once you are at home. This way, food can be consumed quickly instead of being left outside. When you can’t be there in person, see if your neighbour can. 


Store food by temperature. 

The first thing you need to do once you receive your food delivery orders is to unpack them and group them by temperature. Doing so will significantly increase your food’s shelf life. Keeping cold salads and hot meals separate can improve the whole meal. Some restaurants even pack the meal’s ingredients separately and provide brief instructions on how to put all of them together.  


Keep them in purpose-designed containers. 

For years, french fries and crispy meals were considered a not-so-good item for delivery. However, vented packaging has reduced the buildup of moisture, preventing sogginess and lack of crunch. This means that using purpose-designed containers can help keep the freshness of your meals. 


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