6 Pizza Deals Secrets You Must Know and Try

It’s no surprise that pizza continues to be a fast-food staple, at least that’s what statistics show. Who can resist this quintessential Italian dish made from the addicting crust, summery tomato, and salty and creamy cheese? Probably no one, and there’s nothing better than bringing a box of freshly-baked pizza with you to take home.  


From sleepovers, game nights, and movie marathons, pizza is one of the go-to dishes you can easily get from a food delivery app or local pizzeria. While ordering pizza is right at your fingertips, there are some things that you might not know about pizza deals. 


We created a list consisting of pizza ordering hacks to bring your Italian pie-eating experience to another level. Grab a pen and paper to take note of the items on the list and try them the next time you order pizza for any occasion. 

1. Don't Order Two Small Pizzas

Get one large pie instead of ordering two small-sized pizzas. Why would you choose one pizza over two small ones? Quantity is not what we are looking at here. It has been discovered through intense research that one large pizza is not only bigger compared to two small pies, but it’s cheaper, too! One great example of this is Domino’s pizza menu. Let’s take a closer look at how this is possible.  


An 18-inch pizza has a greater surface area than two 12-inch pizzas, which respectively are 254.47 square inches and 226.2 square inches. That means you will be getting more food for less money if you buy one 18-inch pizza instead of 2 12-inch pizzas. However, if the large pizza has a diameter equivalent to 16 inches, you will get more food with two 12 inches wide pies. So, this is something that you should keep in mind.  


Although the numbers won’t always be the same, this concept is pretty consistent. You can do the maths to see it yourself and start saving money while getting more food.

2. Get Extra Sauce for Free

While additional toppings cost extra dollars, asking for extra sauce from your local pizzeria does not. However, it isn’t the same story for everyone, since pizza deals vary from one restaurant to another. It is still worth a try, though. There is no such thing as too much sauce when it comes to pizzas. It makes eating pizza more exciting and fun. Or at least consider whom you are eating it with because they might not like too much tomato sauce on their slice.  


What else can get better than getting more sauce for the same price you pay? When you order pizza today, ask for extra sauce and enjoy another level of pizza-eating experience.

3. Freeze Your Pizza

One of the best things about pizza is that it freezes very well. While in the fridge, this savoury pie maintains its flavour and texture. You can still enjoy your slice of pizza as good as freshly baked ones after being thawed and reheated. Don’t worry because frozen pizzas are perfectly safe to consume. In fact, store-bought pizzas have been around for quite a while, and many are enjoying them at home or on different occasions. It is the best in terms of the easiest pizza to buy and prepare. 


Craving pizza now? Order multiple pizza boxes and store the second, third, or even fourth pie in your fridge. It is worth it because it will still be as good as the day before. Get the best pizzas around Chelsea and take advantage of one-of-a-kind deals! 

4. Order Extra Seasoning

Besides extra sauce, you can also ask for extra seasoning from your favourite local pizzeria. There is Little Caesars that you request to use its crust seasoning on your whole pizza to spice up your eating experience. Costco also gives away red pepper packets for free and other condiments that you can eat with the classic pepperoni or pizza margarita. But, make sure to bring with you extra cash when you eat out because we never know whether these additional seasonings are paid for or not.  


The more flavour, the better when it comes to pizza! Now that you know that you can get extra seasonings for your pie, ask for a packet or two when you have the chance. 

5. Join Rewards Programs

The more pizzerias are opening, the harder it is to decide which one is your favourite. The real deal-breaker for pizza places is the meal deals they offer. If you notice, many restaurants integrate rewards systems into their services. It is a special program that credits points to customers every time they order pizza. No matter how much or how little you buy, you will definitely get points.  


There is no reason not to earn these points for all the pizzas you buy. Do not think twice about joining rewards programs to get a free pizza when your points are qualified to do so. It does not only make buying pizza worth it, but also thrilling and enjoyable. Not to mention, it encourages you to save up your points and be on top of your pizza purchases. 

6. Think Beyond the Pizza Box

Many pizza chains have pleased many people’s taste buds with their signature sauces and condiments. But a lot of pizzerias have hidden gems waiting to be found. Try out other restaurants’ pie options, and you might find your new favourite. You don’t have to leave your first love behind, of course. The more options you have, the more enjoyable it is to eat pizza. You can even make your own Italian pie that conforms to your flavour profile and texture preference. Begin by looking for a recipe online and cook the steps in making your pizza. This time, add your own twist to it and enjoy! 

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