6 Reasons to Book a Pizza Party Hire in Melbourne

Do you want to host a house party or a corporate event? Are you looking for the best food to cater for your party? Well, that could be a tough one. Unlike restaurant-style eating, where food can be served as soon as it’s cooked, catering offers quite a challenge – you’ve got to consider food temperatures and transportation.  


Most dishes end up soggy even with hot boxes, coolers, and chafing dishes to keep them at appropriate temperatures. To avoid all these problems, serving pizza for your party and special celebrations is an excellent option. It is not only a go-to dish, but it’s relatively easy to serve. Here are more reasons to book Cucina Dolce’s pizza party hire in Melbourne:  


1.You don’t have to worry about storage and food temperatures. 

Whenever you book caterers serving conventional dishes, you run the risk of offering cold meals to your guest. On the other hand, a pizza party hire in Melbourne guarantees that you serve delicious and hot food to your guests. The good thing about pizza is that it helps up to different heat options, where caterers simply need a pizza stone and heat lamp to evenly warm up the dish when its ready to be served.  


2. You won’t trouble yourself with the cleanup.   


If you’re hosting a party at home, one of the most tedious things you have to do is the cleaning. Imagine dozens of dirty serving plates that need cleaning after the event, you’ll be in for a post-party nightmare. But that will rarely be the case when you book a pizza party hire in Melbourne.   


While your hands are getting a bit greasy gobbling up the oh-so-delicious treat, you won’t have to stress out about the aftercare. Whenever you’re hosting a casual celebration, be it a housewarming party or a promotion at work, you can always choose pizza since you won’t need a lot of plates or utensils, so everything is made simple and stress-free.   

3. You can accommodate almost every dietary restriction.   

Whether you have friends who are into vegan, gluten-free, or pescatarian diet, they can still enjoy a slice of this scrumptious dish. That’s why you won’t have to worry with the picky eaters enjoying the party because there are dozens of pizza combinations available for everyone. With a variety of toppings, sauces, and bases, pizza is undoubtedly a universal choice where vegetarians and meat lovers can both enjoy.  


At Cucina Dolce, we understand that different people have certain dietary restrictions, which is why we have different deals and menu items to cater to every preference.  

4. Everybody loves pizza.   


Nothing beats biting into a warm slice of delicious, handmade, and authentic Italian pizza. And everybody will definitely agree. The combination of sauce, melted cheese, and crispy crust is just something that adds comfort and joy any time of the day. So, whenever you book a pizza party hire in Melbourne, you don’t have to worry whether your guests will love the food because they certainly will.   


The crisp and crunchy wood-fired pizzas that are rich in flavour will be a mouthwatering delight for all your guests. And without a doubt, a pizza party hire service will turn any event from ordinary to an extraordinary one 

5. You can rest easy knowing that transportation won’t be a problem.   

If you’re hosting a party, you want it to be seamless and hassle-free for both you and your guests. One of the biggest issues with catering is getting the food nicely warm and appetising for the guests. Dishes and food items like green salads, cakes, soups, and even desserts can be hard to transport. With pizza, you won’t have to worry about food getting stale and spoilt because of the wrong transportation methods. That’s why booking a pizza party hire is always advantageous for you.  


6. You can impress your guests for a fraction of the price.  

The success of an event is highly influenced by the quality of the meals and snacks served. If you want a tasty and cost-conscious option, pizza is the way to go. It can certainly be enjoyed by a large number of people, unlike expensive dishes. More than that, you won’t also have to worry about food waste.  


At Cucina Dolce, you’re spoilt for choice with our handcrafted and woodfire oven-cooked pizza. From gourmet pizzas to traditional pizzas, we make sure you get the consistently rich taste you deserve. You can tuck in a delightful gastronomic experience in a pizza party paradise without breaking the bank.   


On that note, we offer customised pizza party hire packages for all events. The cost of the package is based on the number of guests, type of event, and the location of the venue. Our pizza catering service certainly enhances the overall feel of the event!   



So, no matter what the celebration is, having a pizza party hire in Melbourne can make it more enjoyable. Make your next event a hit. Whether you are hosting a family reunion or it’s time to order food for a company meeting, the team here at Cucina Dolce is extremely delighted to offer the best.   


For Pizza Party Hire in Melbourne, Trust Cucina Dolce!   

Cucina Dolce is more than just an Italian ristorante, we are also your go-to catering and pizza hire service. So, if you’re craving for the tastiest pizza in Melbourne, we’ve got your back! You can enjoy some of our finest wood-fired pizza including, Prosciutto, Frutti Di Mare, and Chicken Avocado.    


Over the year, we take pride in being dedicated to only serve the best dishes. That’s why we are proud to be your leading choice when it comes to premium Italian dishes. Here at Cucina Dolce, we don’t simply cook appetizing dishes designed to drool and excite your taste buds, but we also help you in making your pizza parties fun and enjoyable with our services.  


Interested to give us a try? Call us now at (+61) 03 9772 9091. You can also email us at fred@cucinadolce.com.au. Your favourite pizza house is just around the corner! 

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