Here Are 3 Reasons to Use Food Delivery in Melbourne

Because of food delivery in Melbourne, it has never been easier for restaurants and cafés to reach old and new customers. And with the delivery sales that are predicted to increase up to three times faster compared to on-site sales over the following years, it is easy to say that online food delivery services are here to stay. 


Remember when the only option for having takeout was a pizza delivery? That was way too long ago. If you take a good look at the world today, the restaurant industry has completely transformed itself through convenience, making everything within arm’s reach. It is now easier to experience fine dining in the comfort of your own home. Believe it or not, the culinary world is now your oyster, and getting anything that you fancy will be delivered to your doorsteps in the nick of time.  


Given that consumers want convenience in all forms, including food, this article covers different benefits of using food delivery in Melbourne. But there is more! Besides its advantages, we will also talk about the pros and cons of food delivery and how it has become so popular over the years. Grab a pen and paper and continue reading this article below: 

Let's Take a Closer Look at the Benefits of Food Delivery in Melbourne

The latest food delivery trends show that the number of restaurants offering delivery and takeout services is steadily increasing over the next few years. And, with the recent Covid-19 pandemic, forcing people to stay home, those numbers peaked again. Because of this, delivery app riders have had their golden moments in a span of two years when they were busier than ever in keeping up with the volume of orders. Here are some benefits of food delivery that you might encounter every time you order food online. 

1. Reach New Customers at Low Cost

Convenience is the main takeaway of customers when ordering from an online food delivery app. As a restaurant owner, integrating online food delivery services into your business means expanding your business and reaching more customers who were not part of your target market before. Working closely with a reliable delivery partner enables you to access a whole new group of people previously out of reach because of some restrictions, like location. 


According to Statista, more than 4 million Australians now regularly use food delivery platforms, including Uber Eats, an increase from 2.7 million in 2017. It shows that food delivery in Melbourne is not going away sooner, and the number of people leveraging food delivery services is a testament to the conveniences it can offer daily. 


If you have a restaurant in Melbourne, there is no perfect time like the present to consider food delivery options for your long-time and new customers. Using delivery platforms is not as bad as you think, and they actively advertise on their apps and websites to help you reach even more customers. This additional push will encourage people to check your shop, whether online or in person. With food delivery services at the helm of your business, you can reach more people without needing to expand physically.

2. Ensure Delivery Anytime of the Day

Imagine if you are too lazy to get up in the morning to prepare breakfast or too busy to cook dinner because you have had a long day at work. Your customers probably feel the same way. While cooking is an essential part of our daily routine, not everyone has time to get things done. This makes offering food delivery services in Melbourne the best alternative option for people who have no time to prepare their own meals.


Moreover, as a business looking into more ways to expand, offering takeout through a delivery app or other platforms gives you another channel to stream extra revenue. And it can be a safety net to fall back on when fewer people visit your physical business location when the weather is bad or on slow periods like a Sunday evening. In a report published by The Sydney Morning Herald, demand for takeout food skyrocketed during the recent coronavirus lockdown. With uncertainties, it is best to have everything covered! 

3. Reduce Errors in Order

Using a pen and paper and manually taking complex orders has a higher chance of making errors. But it will not be as complicated when smartphones are utilised. Besides reducing the chances of mistakes, an online food delivery app allows your staff to do other things while orders are taken care of. When a customer places an order through an app, it looks after the process from start to finish. Errors and mistakes are less likely to happen because the app uses groundbreaking technologies to make the order right. Your staff will be driven to work at their full potential with fewer errors. It is one thing every restaurant business should encourage, achieving their sales target and building a good reputation in the industry. 

Pros and Cons of Food Delivery in Melbourne

Food delivery applications can brag about the promotional deals they offer. If you have been using food delivery services before, you know about these deals for sure because a few of them are advertised online. If this is your first time using one, then you should not miss out on discounts, vouchers, and more! Despite the pros of using a food delivery app, there are cons that you should be familiar with. The next time you order meals online, keep in mind the following: 

1. Less Control

Restaurants have less control over the delivery experience of customers. For customers, before taking action because of delayed deliveries, remember that many factors can affect lead time. You can also leave a review for the restaurant and the rider on the app. Make sure you rate the services you get to establish a reliable food delivery platform fairly. 

2. More Work to Implement.

Fulfilling deliveries in-house means you need to deal with the hassle of finding new staff and a delivery partner to create a successful service process. 

3. Smaller Profit Margins.

The downside of offering food delivery services is the smaller profit margins. You are obligated to pay for the drivers, their insurance, gas, etc., reducing your profit margin. That is why it is essential to look for another channel to stream extra profits from.

4. More Points of Contact.

A few points of contact will be involved with working with the food delivery service. It is not necessarily a bad thing. But, having too many people handling a customer’s food slows down the delivery process.

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