Tips for Making Restaurant Reservation

Do you love dining out in restaurants? If you do, you want to make sure everything goes as planned. Whether you have your heart set in a restaurant or simply want to try a new dining spot right around the corner, you need to make a restaurant reservation. This way, you won’t have to worry about anything.


With COVID-19 protocols in place, most fine dining restaurants don’t allow walk-in customers. So, it is important to brush up on your knowledge in making reservations. This is helpful for you and the restaurant staff.


Having a restaurant reservation guarantees a seat at the table – you don’t have to wait for hours to enjoy delightful dishes. On the other hand, it also informs the staff so they can plan, schedule, and ensure the restaurant is not overbooked. 


Plan. Plan. Plan.

Whenever you want to take your loved ones out on Valentine’s Day, birthdays, wedding anniversaries, or any other special holidays, be sure to make reservations in advance. Some restaurants will be packed with customers on the holidays, so it’s best to plan.


You can request a table or location with a breathtaking view if you book a reservation. It also helps if you are flexible with your schedule.


Call in advance.

Of course, making a restaurant reservation is essential. Nowadays, it’s extremely hard to dine out since the seats are limited and most restaurants only cater for al fresco dining. That is why you need to call a week in advance. By doing so, you won’t be disappointed because of the long waiting list.


If you’ve already made your reservation, it’s best to confirm it a day before. This allows you to ask questions, make specific requests, and inform the staff to expect your arrival on the said date and time.


Arrive just in time.

Some people think that arriving 30 minutes before your reservation is a good idea. However, it defeats the whole purpose of the reservation. It’s best if you show up at least five minutes before your restaurant reservation.


If you think you might be running late, you can call the restaurant and inform them about your ETA. Many restaurants can accommodate the change in time. However, some restaurants do have a short window of waiting time. When you arrive late, they might give your table to someone else.


Know the tipping policy

Of course, the best way to show your appreciation to the restaurant staff is through tips. But before giving out any tips, always be familiar with the tipping policy. You can simply ask the host, hostess, or maître d if tipping is allowed in their establishment.


Make any special arrangement early.

Are you planning to propose to your significant other in your favourite restaurant? If you have special requests, such as putting the engagement ring on your SO’s food or other gimmicks, be sure to check if all these arrangements are possible. And don’t forget to add more to the tip. 


Avoid cancelling at the last minute.

Did something come up? Can’t attend to your restaurant reservation? Make it a habit to cancel the reservation as soon as you know you won’t be able to make the reservation. While there’s nothing wrong with cancelling your reservation, avoid doing it frequentlyMany restaurants subscribe to different databases that keep them in the loop of customers who are chronic cancelers. 


Always be polite.

Being respectful can always make a difference. When making your reservation, remember to be polite. Always be courteous yet confident in making your requests. Avoid sounding too entitled and be accommodating with changes, especially if your chosen restaurant doesn’t have any availability on the specific days you’ve chosen.


Remember, showing respect and politeness from the moment you make a reservation until you arrive at the dining spot increases your chances of getting accommodated quickly. Don’t forget to thank the employees, too. This way, they will love serving you and will welcome you if you dine in again.  


Making Reservation for Special Occasions

In most cases, restaurants are more crowded during holidays. So, you’ll need to contact them as early as possible to find out the available dates they can accommodate your special celebrations. 


When planning a party, be it for a birthday, engagement, or promotion, you’ll have to do it during a slow time for the restaurant. Service is usually better when there are fewer customers. Avoid doing it on a weekend or during peak hours as they’re typically busier than the rest of the days.


Using Reservation Apps

Hate calling restaurants to make a reservation? Want to make sure you get the best seat at the restaurant? You might want to try booking a seat without having to call by using reservation apps, like Resy O or Quandoo. Using these apps is a sure-fire way to book your reservation without having to talk to a hostess.  


What’s more? Most restaurant reservation apps even have coupons and discounts to entice you to make a reservation. This means you get to save more by using these apps too.



Learning these tips significantly ups your chances of making a successful restaurant reservation. You can always make your reservations via phone or even online. So, be a smart customer, and avoid walking in the restaurant during this time.


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