3 Things That Make the Best Pizza

Can you really convince someone of what an excellent pizza tastes like? Well, that is for sure a difficult question to answer, especially since every individual has different standards for good food. Nonetheless, the differences in people’s palates make every culinary experience exciting. It fills one with curiosity that eventually leads to exploring more diverse and interesting gastronomic options outside our comfort zones. 

Like many dishes, there is no one way to make pizza, and every version made has its own unique take on this Italian staple. It would not be a surprise if your favourite pizza flavour might not be your friend’s go-to meal. Despite all this, we cannot deny the fact that better-tasting pizzas exist. So, we couldn’t help but think of what the great pizzas in Chelsea are made of and how they separate themselves from the rest. 

You don’t need to be a chef or a pizza connoisseur to identify what an excellent pizza looks and tastes like. And it is easier to spot one if you know what they are made up of. This article will tell you how to meet Italian standards for pizza in terms of appearance, taste, and ingredients. Stay tuned to learn more about the best pizza in town and how to tell if you have one. 

How Do You Spot a Good Pizza?

The combination of crust, tomato sauce, cheese, some herbs, and meat, is probably a match made in heaven. Because of this, a lot of people grew fond of pizza, not just one kind but many. According to a report published in September of 2021, 52 million Australians like to consume fast-food and also like to eat pizza. Statistics show that 263 million pizzas are eaten annually in the country, and it rivals Italian pizza per capita in terms of consumption.  

By the looks of it, differentiating a good-tasting pizza from a bad one wouldn’t be that hard. But even so, you will find below the qualities that make the best pizza. 

1. An Excellent Pizza Crust Must Contain All Ingredients

The dough is one of the most distinct characteristics of pizzas, and you can quickly identify the dish as soon as you see the golden-brown crust keeping various ingredients intact. Although the thickness or thinness of pizza crust all boils down to individual preference, a debate on the ideal crust breadth is never-ending. How about you? Do you prefer a thin or thick crust? 

Some have a love and hate relationship with the crust. But this crust is essential for making pizza because it acts as the foundation, which means that having a poorly-made dough will ruin the overall quality of pizzas. Since the crust contains different ingredients that vary in size and texture, it is crucial to create one that can hold the toppings while baking in the oven.

A pizza is incomplete without the crust, and it is only right to use high-quality ingredients to make the dough. Even though not everyone likes to eat the crust all alone, it has to be part of every pizza sold in pizzerias and restaurants in Chelsea. 

2. A Good Pizza Makes Every Ingredient Standout

We all know that pizza comes in many flavours that are a combination of all-time favourite ingredients. However, the crust must not be the only fresh part because every component should be fresh, too, to harmonise with other flavours in the pie. Besides good quality products, the right ratio also plays a vital role in balancing everything in the pizza.  

For example, tomato sauce is mainly sour, and you should not pour too much of it because other ingredients’ flavours might not prevail. The same goes with cheese if you use salty kinds. But there is no such thing as too much cheese, though. Just remember to make every ingredient stand out. You can adjust the amount when necessary, depending on your taste preference.

3. An Attractive Pizza Looks Appetising

Let’s admit it—the appearance of pizza is the first thing that draws our attention. That is why keeping this Italian meal vibrant is as necessary as using fresh ingredients and making an excellent dough. The more attractive the pizza is, the more it looks appetising. Because humans associate colours with various types of food since birth, our eyes send a signal to the brain to help us identify the familiarity of the meal as soon as we see pizza, 

When looking for the best pizza in Chelsea, find one that looks appetising at one glance. But make sure to try it first before digging into the meal. Sometimes, looks can be deceiving, and your sense of taste is the most reliable method to tell whether a pizza is good or bad.  

Indeed, nothing beats a pizza made from the freshest ingredients with well-made dough turned into a golden-brown crust. All this will create an attractive and appetising culinary masterpiece you should have a slice of your own. 

Making an Excellent Pizza in Your Kitchen

Forget about delivery because you can make the best pizza in the comfort of your home. Take note of these tips and tricks when making pizza at home. 

  • Preheat the oven while preparing the ingredients. 
  • Avoid using cold dough. If you have one from last night, take it out of the fridge and leave it for a few minutes at room temperature. 
  • Use a pizza peel or sheet pan to slide the pizza off while it’s steaming hot easily. 
  • Stretch the dough. Don’t roll or knead too much to avoid bread-like consistency. 
  • Spread a thin layer of tomato sauce. And too much sauce will make the crust soggy. 
  • As much as possible, don’t use fresh mozzarella because it contains a lot of moisture. 
  • However, if you want to use fresh mozzarella, make sure it’s thin. 
  • The secret to tender toppings is pre-cooking them before baking. 
  • Be generous with brushing the crust with olive oil, which helps with its crispness. 
  • Turn the pie when the crust develops in the oven to cook it evenly. Once done, place it on a rack instead of a flat surface to keep the crust crisp and crunchy.  
  • Lastly, add the herbs, and the heat residue will cook them eventually. 

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