Things to Consider When Choosing a Party Function

Organising an event requires a lot of planning and decision making, and choosing the right party function is among the many things you need to do.


The venue is the element the influences the whole tone of any party. It largely impacts the date, catering options, and theme of the whole party. That’s why it should be one of your priorities as a host.


Looking for great event spaces and party venues? Before you stroll around the metro, consider these things to give you more insight into the best venues for your next celebration.


Location. Location. Location

When you’re hosting a party, you should consider your guests. While you want to have fun in a place you want, checking in where most of your guests live will make a difference. Of course, you need to consider a venue that’s within a reasonable distance from most of your attendees’ homes.


If many attendees are travelling from out of town, a place near the airport or a hotel would be great. Aside from that, you can also provide a mobile event app to help them with all the necessary information needed. This comes in handy for guests to check the exact location and parking information of the venue.


Seating Capacity

You’ve found a party function you like; the next step is to enquire about the seating capacity. Most venues can accommodate up to 50 to 100 guests. However, if you are hosting a smaller or bigger party, you must look around and ask yourself: is this space enough for my guests to comfortably sit and have fun? Is this too spacious and roomy to the point that the room feels empty?


More than anything, you should also be concerned about the food and beverage minimums. This way, you won’t have to spend extra money on different add-ons.


Amenities and Services Provided

Once you have checked the location and the venue’s interiors, it is time to get nitty-gritty about the minor details. Check the services and amenities the venue offers. You can start by asking these questions to the company that offers the party function service: 


Do you offer a catering service for the event?

When you’ve got your venue and food handled by the same provider, that’s lesser stress for you. So, choose a venue that can cater the food.


As a host, you should also have a food tasting prior to booking. This is a smart way to ensure that the food served will be good. Remember, distasteful food can create a negative impact on your guests’ experience.


Will I need to rent out tables or chairs for the event?

Some event venues don’t offer a comprehensive package. This means you may need to handle food catering and rent out a few items for the party. While these venues can save you a couple of bucks, it sure is not worth the hassle.


Find a venue that can take the load off your shoulders. Being a host is indeed a ton of work. A party function service that offers a set-up and clean-up crew would be ideal. You can rest easy knowing that you can enjoy your party without having to worry about who cleans after.


Do you have AV equipment?

What do you notice in most parties? It’s a combination of good food, good company, and good music. Audio-visual equipment might tie this unique formula altogether. Book a venue that has audio-visual equipment to set the mood of the party with the right tunes.



Most parties have unique and personalised themes. How ‘bout your party? Are you thinking of a theme? 


Whether it be underwater fantasy, rustic, or retro, make sure to match your theme to the existing décor of the venue. It’s a good tip to find a spot that highlights your theme. The closer your location’s ambience to your theme, the lesser time needed to decorate it. 



Are you inviting your friends with special needs over to your party? Make them feel welcome with a venue that’s accessible for them.


Some party functions are designed to be user-friendly for everyone, especially for people who use wheelchairs, canes, and mobility scooters. You should also consider putting visible signs and ushers at the entrance of your venue for those with vision and hearing impairments.



Hosting a party can be expensive. When finding a venue, book a cost-effective space. Always work within your budget. Remember you’re throwing a party to celebrate something special. It doesn’t mean you need to spend every dime to please your guests.


A cost-effective venue comes with all the perks without the additional cost. Bring a checklist when you are planning to visit some party functions. Compare the price of each venue with the other. This way, you’ll have a more insightful list of pros and cons when it’s time to decide. 


Flexibility on Event Date

Are you still working on the right date to throw your party? Being flexible on your event date can be the best way to negotiate venues prices. Most event space coordinators may have open dates on their calendars. When you provide more than one date option, they most likely offer a discounted price to book all the dates.



Finding the right venue for your event can be time-consuming. More than anything, you have to consider several aspects when choosing your party’s venue. However, if you carefully consider all our tips, you’ll find the right venue in no time.


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