What Makes the Best Breakdast in Chelsea

Famous for its rich culture and beautiful coastline beaches, Chelsea is absolutely a travel destination for many locals and tourists. The alluring, clear, and golden sands of the Chelsea beach draw you to this beautiful town. But more than that, there’s certainly a lot of other things to love about this place.  


Experience the vibrance and ecstatic ambiance of the restaurants in the place, as you take a bite of the best and finest breakfast meals there is. If you’re a morning person looking for a breakfast spot that cooks authentic Italian dishes, then look no further than Cucina Dolce. Here, we know what makes the best breakfast in Chelsea


Brekkies for Everyone   

Whether you love waking up early in the morning or feel the dread to pull yourself out the bed, having a good and delicious breakfast is essential. It can make all the difference in your mood the whole day. That’s why it’s necessary to relish a scrumptious meal before you go off to work or school. 


If you think that late Friday nightouts are kind of overrated, day-time hangouts might be up your alley. You can make your tummies happy by eating dishes that go beyond your usual bacon and eggs or French toast. You can pick from our specials and even spoil yourself with the extras. While you can’t bask in the morning sun and gather up with your friends because of the pandemic (not yet, but you probably can soon), you can still satisfy your craving through deliveries and takeaways here at Cucina Dolce.


The Best Breakfast in Chelsea: Starting Your Day Right 

Some may argue the importance of breakfast, but there’s no denying that a good breakfast gives you the energy to kickstart your day. It enhances your mood and improves your performance for the rest of the day.


After an eight-hour sleep, you might feel starving or thirsty. When you don’t eat, then your body won’t get the nutrition it needs.


A Good Breakfast is Always a Balanced Meal 

While ordering for your breakfast, you need to make sure you’re eating the right food. An ideal breakfast should include a healthy source of carbohydrates, fibres, and proteins. To save you from rushing every morning to prepare your meals, Cucina Dolce offers healthy and delicious breakfast options just for you.    


HCT Toastie 

Another classic breakfast food, Cucina Dolce’s HCT toastie is a toasted bread filled with ham, cheese, and tomato. What’s so special about it is that it’s made on a wood-fired oven, and dashed with special herbs and seasonings.  


Egg Bacon Focaccia 

One of the breakfast food staples is bread, bacon, and eggs. So, why not combine all three? With the Egg Bacon Focaccia, you can enjoy a burst of flavoursin your mouth that will wake you up for the rest of the day. This simple dish is toasted to perfection in the wood-fired oven, too.


Wood-fired Veggie Omelette

Do you want to enjoy your veggies in the morning? Well, nobody’s stopping you. You can enjoy marinated peppers, eggplants, Spanish onions, spinach, and mushrooms with the Woodfired Veggie Omelet. The fluffy dish is baked in the oven filled with fresh vegetables and herbs. To stave off your hungry tummies, it’s also served with a toast. 


Dolce Smash

Want to try something trendy and hip? You’re not too late to join the bandwagon for the avocado toast craze. Dolce Smash is Cucina Dolce’s version of the famous avocado toast. You can have a meal complete with protein, carbs, and fibres since it is loaded with feta on rye with hummus and smashed avocado topped with pumpkin seeds, dukkah, and poached eggs.



Want to enjoy an English breakfast like no other? Then go ahead and order croissants with a hot cup of tea. So, don’t miss this delightful treat, and start waking up early to enjoy your breakfast. 


Don’t Skip Breakfast and Enjoy the Best Breakfast in Chelsea Today!

Breakfast is such an important meal, so why skip it? The best breakfast in Chelsea doesn’t have to be eaten in a fancy restaurant. Often, you can have a nice meal right at your doorstep. 


The great thing about breakfast is that its timing can be flexible. Even if you don’t eat immediately after waking up, try to make sure to space your meals out so that you don’t get too hungry at a particular time, which can lead to eating too fast or too much. 


Breakfast doesn’t have to be large or complex. Start with something simple like a banana & peanut butter or a cup of yogurt with fresh fruit, or make a smoothie using lots of fresh fruits & vegetables. You can even add in some ground seeds (flax or chia) for added fibre and omega-3 fatty acids. 


Be it croissants, veggie omelettes, or a fully loaded toast; there’s no better way to start your day than enjoying a nice breakfast. Begin your breakfast habit and make mornings better with our breakfast meals. Indulge in the best breakfast in Chelsea today.  


Cucina Dolce, Wake Up to Better Mornings  

When you dine with Chelsea’s best breakfast place, waking up early in the morning doesn’t have to be the worst feeling. Tuck in delightful treats and pair it with our award-winning coffee. If you’re tired of preparing your meals or want to change your morning routine, you can call us. We can deliver delicious breakfast treats and loaded meals for you.  


Aside from our fresh and delicious breakfast offers, we also have tasty Italian dishes and delicious wood-fired pizza for you and your family. Explore Chelsea and indulge in its beautiful culture and breathtaking tourist destinations after the pandemic, but for now, travel the whole town in a spoonful with Cucina Dolce’s finest dishes. 

To experience new and authentic Italian flavours, visit us at 8 / 426 Nepean Hwy Chelsea, VIC 3196. We’re available for takeaways and deliveries all day from Mondays to Sundays. For more details and enquiries, please don’t hesitate to call us at 03 9772 9091 or email us at fred@cucinadolce.com.au 

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