What's in Our Express Lunch Menu?

Are you on the hunt for the best lunch deals in Melbourne? Have you ever thought of finding a nice food place for a quick lunch, but you don’t want to compromise on taste and quality? Just because you have to hurry back to your busy office, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy scrumptious dishes at Cucina Dolce.
Be ready to hustle after you relish all the tasty delights at Cucina Dolce. You might want to combine a great lunch meal with a business meeting or sit down for a nice relaxing meal as you indulge in every minute away from all the stress.
Cucina Dolce is your idyllic lunch place. Right in the heart of Chelsea, this modern Italian restaurant serves up appetising dishes throughout the day and into the evening. Because who says, “you’ve got to eat breakfast like a king” when you can do it for lunch, too.
Every lunch, we’ve got you covered for your lunchtime craving with the Express Lunch Menu. Available from Mondays to Fridays 11:00 am to 3:00 pm, the special express lunch menu will plate up delicious and quick meals. From pasta, wraps, pizzas, and burgers to insalatas, Cucina Dolce is proud to make your lunchtime dine out even better.
Cucina Dolce is renowned for its exquisite wood fired pizza, equally made with the highest quality ingredients cooked to perfection. On the express lunch menu, the wraps are made with a mix of fresh vegetables prepared daily on-site.

Express Lunch Menu: Everything Delicious Made Quick for You

At Cucina Dolce, we understand how every second of your time is important to you. That is why valuable time isn’t wasted waiting for your mouthwatering food since we make sure to serve your dishes at the same time.
Our kitchen aims to get the food out and ready just within minutes from the time the order was placed. All of which means you won’t spend your precious time waiting for your food to arrive.

Midday Cravings? We’ve got you covered! 

Well, there are just days when you just can’t take your mind off that slice of cheesy Italian pizza right off the block. Your mind drools as you imagine munching every bite of such tasty treat. But it’s the middle of the day, exactly your lunchtime, and you’ve got a ton of things to do than waiting for half an hour just to get the quality of food you deserve.
Who says you need to wait? Not Cucina Dolce! As your lunchtime choice, we have an array of food options for you. Is it a pizza kind of day or are you up for some delightfully greasy burger? Do you fancy a chicken wrap? How about the classic favourite pasta? Whatever it is your craving for during the midday, we’ve got your back.
Choose from our express lunch menu options today! Pick your favourites:


It’s time for a quick lunch and we’ve got some lunch exclusives to stave off your hungry tummies. Don’t hesitate and enjoy our hearty wraps. We’ve made sure our food options are full of delightful treat you can have a right good chat over.

Grilled Chicken Wrap

We know lunchtime food prep is something you’re not particularly excited about. Why trouble yourself preparing your lunch, when you can enjoy Cucina Dolce’s mouthwatering grilled chicken wrap?
This dish is loaded with EXTRA flavour. Yes, extra! It’s seasoned with our blend of Peri-Peri sauce. The Helga’s grain bread is filled with the right ratio of grilled chicken breast, fresh spinach and charred pepper. Eating this will send you straight to your happy place. So, why not order one? Every wrap is paired with chips on the side because who wouldn’t want that kind of crunch?


For many, pasta is a lunchtime staple. That is why we’ve created some of the best pasta dishes perfect for your everyday lunch. There’s nothing better than gobbling up a savoury forkful of pasta. That’s why we’ve included pasta dishes on our lunch menu. Choose among our pasta dishes:

Penne Tonno

Talk about fresh and healthy! Perfectly zesty chunks of tuna in Rosa sauce are the real showstopper of this dish. The blend of flavours stays light and fresh as the pan tossed linguini is topped with sun-dried tomatoes, olives, and charred peppers. That’s why it’s one of the best dishes to relish in the midday.
This delightful plate doesn’t disappoint. Better order one now and see why this dish is a crowd favourite.


Burgers for lunch? Why not? With burgers, you get the best of everything – the cheesy and meaty goodness, the freshly picked vegetables and the sauce that make you want more.
While many health-conscious freaks would argue that burgers are just fat-filled buns that scream calories, there’s just this whole in your stomach that no other dish could fill.

Cucina Granda Burger

We, Aussies, love barbies; there’s no denying in that. More than outdoor BBQ parties, we also love burger lunch outs. Everyone’s talking about it. Many people are lining up just to try our famous Cucina Granda Burger, and we absolutely understand why!
The Cucina Granda Burger is simply delicious in the grand scheme of things. All it takes is a nice charred crust on a juicy beef patty with a slightly pink inside, cheese, a slice or two of Spanish onions, green leaf lettuce, a bit of honey mustard sauce and a gloriously soft wholemeal bun. This perfect combination is a delight for all burger lovers.


If you like insalata and being served with the best lunch meals, Cucina Dolce never fails to amaze. At Cucina Dolce, we’ve thought everything through. From your meats to your greens, we guarantee to have a wide variety of menu items. That’s why if you’re up for some salads, you’ve found the right food place.

Milano Chicken Salad

This light and crunchy Italian-style chicken breast is a quintessential delight. If you love the zesty and salty burst of flavours, Milano Chicken Salad is definitely up your alley. It is an explosion of everything good – the crumbed chicken, fresh rockets, Spanish onions, tomatoes.
The Feta spread with spicy mayo aioli makes all the difference. It is also glazed with balsamic vinegar and topped with sour cream.
Can you imagine all the good things that can happen during your one-hour lunch break at Cucina Dolce? Stop imagining and start dining with us. We’ll be ready to serve you with your favourite lunchtime bites.
For restaurant reservations, don’t hesitate to call us today at 03 9772 9091. You can also get your orders early through this website https://venue.mypreorder.com.au/menu/cucina-dolce. We also offer Italian pizza takeaways.
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