Where to Find the Best Gourmet Pasta in Melbourne

If you are to go and visit Melbourne, one thing will strike your eyes and it isn’t the Eureka Tower or the Royal Botanic Gardens. It’s the budding and vibrant food culture. Everywhere you look, there is a local restaurant serving up delicious meals and dishes for a crowd of guests.
There’s nothing more interesting than to experience Melbourne’s mix of cultures in its myriad of cafes, bars, bistros, and restaurants. Whether you are up for modern, western, or even exotic flavors, the city has got your back.
Melbourne’s eclectic dining scene proves one of many things. Its rich culture embraces a startling array of world’s greatest cuisines, from the classic favorites through to the new and fresh dishes.
There’s no denying that Italian cuisine is woven into Australia’s food culture more than any other cuisine. Aussies enjoy pizza, gelato, insalata, and of course, pasta. Many people take delight in the piquance and familiarity of this cuisine.
For most, it’s a delicious treat, a top pick, and an absolute delight to gobble up a plate of gourmet pasta. If you’re one who is on the lookout for the best gourmet pasta, then you need to head straight to Cucina Dolce.

Gourmet Pasta: Exquisitely Delicious

Well, it’s no secret that Melbourne is the food capital of Australia. When it comes to Italian indulgences, it’s not difficult to find a gem at all. Tuck in the heart of Chelsea, Cucina Dolce serves up exquisitely scrumptious meals that deliver you straight to your happy place.
Whether you’re captivated by wood fired pizza or amorous about the best gourmet pasta in Melbourne, we’ve curated a great menu that is perfect for your fancy.
To create our very own Italian pasta, we use the highest-quality ingredients. From pasta tagliatelle, penne, gnocchi, you can request the pasta that you like best.
Choose among the best gourmet pasta in Melbourne in our menu:


This pasta is an absolute favorite. Rich with flavors and spices, pasta bolognese is seasoned with onion, carrot, and celery. The homemade and fresh Napoli sauce makes all the difference. It is perfect and savory taste is finished off and topped with fresh herbs.
What makes it extra special is it has a sizable portion of lean beef minced meat. This creates the nuance of texture and taste that makes you crave for more.

Gnocchi 4 Cheese

One of our vegetarian pasta, Gnocchi 4 Cheese lives up to your expectations. It doesn’t feel like you are eating a lot of greens. The combination of homemade gnocchi with a flavorful mix of blue vein, grana panado, mozzarella, and parmesan in a creamy garlic sauce offers a unique kick of flavors.
You might be pleasantly surprised that this gourmet pasta feels like a pasta you will enjoy and include in your everyday diet. The creamy rich sauce tenders a new kind of flavor for your taste buds.


Are you wondering what’s the perfect dish to pair with a savory pizza? If you’re into chicken and greens, Kale is up your alley. Relish in a delightful surprise. Satisfy your pasta and chicken cravings with this pasta.
This pasta is packed with all the great and healthy ingredients such as tender pieces of chicken, semi-dried tomato, in a creamy honey mustard sauce with spring onion & fresh kale. That’s all the good things you could ever dream of in a forkful.


Are you vegetarian? Do you love to have a lot of choices whenever you dine out? That’s why, at Cucina Dolce, we made pasta that you’ll truly relish in. What’s more to crave for when you’ve got a healthy vegetarian pasta like Basilico.
A plate load of Basilico is an absolute treat for vegetarians. With the appetizing homemade pesto sauce, this pasta is combined with broccoli, fresh spinach, and olives. Everything sits well in your palate – the pleasant taste of the light cream sauces creates a new burst of flavors.


You will never get tired of this quintessential classic. This plate of heavenly, creamy pasta is best eaten and shared with your families. The silky pasta texture topped with crispy bacon bits in a super creamy and cheesy sauce is simply scrumptious.


Most of our loyal customers keep coming back for more of this pasta. Its unique and distinct spicy flavor draws an exquisite and rich rustic taste. If you’re into lean bacon pieces, capsicum, onion, and chili in a flavorsome homemade Napoli sauce, you’ll love a forkful of this pasta goodness.

Prawn Linguini

There’s no wonder that this house specialty has earned awards in the Herald Sun last 2017. Its well-deserved reputation merits a delicious combo of pan-fried tiger prawns in lemon butter, white wine, and chili tossed with spinach and linguini. This is every pasta lovers’ dream come true!

Discover Pasta Heaven

Whether it’s the award-winning prawn linguini pasta, vegetarian gnocchi 4 cheese, or spicy classic amatriciana, there’s no better way to enjoy your pasta than to explore a whole lot of variety. Experience authentic Italian flavors and tuck in a hearty pasta meal.
What’s great about pasta? It’s the perfect foundation for a healthy, nutritious, and satisfying meals. You can include it in your diet. A tasty and delectable platter of yum. Just always remember not to eat too much of it.

The Best Gourmet Pasta in Melbourne!

There’s nothing more deliciously comforting than a good bowl of pasta. Are you satisfied to know that Cucina Dolce has got a variety of pasta options for you? Feast on the best gourmet pasta in Melbourne and relish a savory meal with your friends and family.
Know that at Cucina Dolce, you’ll be spoilt for choice with over dozens of pasta dishes to choose from. We’ve got everything down pat. From vegetarian treats to every meat lover’s favorite, you’ll be thrilled to taste a forkful of appetizing pasta dishes that are irresistibly tasty.
Enjoy a scrumptious meal at Cucina Dolce and have a forkful of the best gourmet pasta in Melbourne and traditional Italian pizza!
Are you ready to visit pasta heaven? Head straight to 8 / 426 Nepean Hwy Chelsea, VIC 3196. We are open to serve you! For deliveries, you can also 03 9772 9091 or book through this website at https://venue.mypreorder.com.au/menu/cucina-dolce.
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