Why Does Wood-Fired Pizza Taste Better

An all-time favorite. A midnight delight. A perfect combination of all things nice. Pizza is indeed a universal language for snack time. It is a classic and delicious option for everyone.
Ever wondered why some Italian pizzas in Melbourne taste so much better than the others? Best guess? These scrumptious treats are traditionally prepared in wood-fired ovens.
If you are a food enthusiast, you know that top-quality ingredients and authentic cooking experiences make all the difference. That is why you crave for gourmet dishes and enjoy exploring new food places that indulge your senses. With more and more restaurants offering a better selection of pizza, it is truly an exciting time to spice up your taste buds with a unique burst of flavors.
Why settle for anything less than the best when it comes to pizza? Wood-fired pizza does not only satisfy your cravings but also offer you rich flavors you deserve.
Dating back hundreds of years ago, this Italian cooking method stands the test of time and surely lives up to be the best way to cook your pizza.
You may find more interesting dishes, but one thing is certain: wood fired pizza is truly unlike anything else. Here, we’ll explore why wood-fired pizza is a godsend not only to pizza connoisseurs but to everyone as well.
Wood-fired pizza is better and irresistibly delicious because of a wood-fired oven. Here’s why:

Cooks at an even temperature

Because it is evenly cooked, Italian pizza’s taste and texture suits everyone’s liking. The equal distribution of heat works wonders, making every pizza slice cooked to perfection. Maintaining the right temperature is the key to create the ideal environment in cooking a good pizza.
Since brick ovens absorb more heat than regular ovens, it forms a balance of making crispier toppings yet puffier and softer crust.

Enhances the food’s flavors

There are many benefits of cooking in a wood-fired oven. One of which is flavor. If you’ve tried eating a wood-fired pizza, you’d surely feel the significant difference in the taste. The rich smoky flavor is achieved by using different types of wood for the fire. In a wood-fired pizza, different types of wood develop the uniqueness in every bite.
To compare it to deep-dish pizzas, wood-fired pizzas offer a distinct flavor that is impossible to replicate in conventional ovens.

Retains freshness and quality

What is the perfect Italian pizza in Melbourne? Is it a combination of slightly charred crust, melted cheese, and chunky textured topping? The wood-fired pizza cooked through this method is a delight to taste because of its interesting contrast. The bottom of the crust is cooked quickly, while the cheese and the toppings complement the texture of the pie rather than being burnt and crisp.
The temperature of the oven helps the pizza to not only achieve the perfect texture but also maintain the quality of the flavor and ingredients. Whenever the right texture and flavor come together, the result is an incredibly tasty treat.

Cooks quicker than a conventional oven

No hungry person wants to wait for his food. That is why faster cooking time makes wood-fired pizza even better. You won’t have to wait long to have a slice of your favorite snack.
With a wood-fired pizza oven, you can yield higher temperatures at approximately 500 to 700 degrees Fahrenheit. This significantly reduces pizza cooking time. As a result, you can expect your pizza to cook in just two to five minutes in a wood-fired oven.

Offers a more sustainable option

More and more people celebrate a greener lifestyle. It has been a desirable choice, especially to Aussies. Anyone who wants to keep living a more sustainable lifestyle is always keen on their energy consumption.
A great way to embrace your new-found passion for sustainability is enjoying wood-fired pizza. But why? How does this scrumptious meal champion your greener choice? Wood-fired pizza is made from brick ovens that function without electricity or gas. You might be surprised that this style of cooking not only yields scrumptious treats but also supports your lifestyle choice.

Can prepare other tasty dishes

Pizza is one of the most common dishes cooked through a wood-fired oven. Admit it, you can hardly recreate the taste of your favorite restaurant’s wood-fired pizza; even though you try your best, not without a wood-fired oven.
A wood-fired oven’s versatility is impressive. It can cook almost any type of food you can imagine. Like wood-fired pizza, which is equally nutritious and delicious, there are many other hearty meals and baked goods you can cook such as:


One of the most popular dishes to cook in a wood-fired oven is seafood. Prawns, squids, and scallops cooked in a brick oven leave you a mouthful of savory goodness. Enhance the flavors of seafood by smoking and searing in a wood-fired oven.


Your wood-fired oven can bake all kinds of bread. From gluten-free loaves to focaccias, there is nothing quite like the taste of a fresh bread cooked through wood fire. Wood-fired flatbreads are simple to make and can offer something new and interesting to your palate.
You can dip your bread in olive oil or season it with herbs and spices. There are a million different ways to top a pizza or flatbread and adding the smoky flavor from a wood-fired oven enhances everything about it.

Ribs, Steaks, and More

Wondering what else can you cook in a wood-fired oven? How about ribs and steak? Wood-fired meats are undoubtedly delicious. The savory goodness of the meat is best complemented with the slow and low cooking method.
These delicious cuts of meat are finding their way off the grill rack and into the smoky wood-fired oven! Whether you want beef cuts, pork ribs or even kangaroo rump, slow cooking your meat in a wood-fired oven is a great way to intensify the flavors.

Wood-Fired Pizza Only Here at Cucina Dolce

As you can see, wood-fired pizza is truly a dish you don’t want to miss. Fancy some great Italian pizza in Melbourne? Make Cucina Dolce your go-to pizza place. Other than offering scrumptious Italian dishes, we pride ourselves in hosting private functions, sporting club catering, birthday party or even corporate functions.
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