An Ultimate Checklist for Every Party Function 

Parties are fun and exciting ways to catch up with friends and celebrate special moments in our lives. Want to plan a party but don’t know where to start? We have set out the necessary steps to help you host a memorable event. So, leave the stress behind and get your party started. Keep the guesswork out of your planning by following our party function planning checklist!   


A month before: 

Whenever you want your party to be exciting and fun for you and your guests, you should consider planning it for at least a few months ahead. While some people might think that this sounds like a stretch, it gives you better control of how things will turn out in the actual event.


Whenever you’re planning for a party function, you should start by: 


Choosing a date and time

Check your calendar and block your date, but don’t narrow yourself down to just one day. Try to be flexible and ask your guest’s schedule. A party is no fun without the guests, so consider the availability of your guests as well.


After you’ve finalized the date, you can start picking out a venue. If you have some favourite spots in mind where you can hold the event, contact the venue beforehand to see if they’re available for hire on your prospective dates.


Deciding on a theme

Themed parties are always twice the fun. Whether you want to have a black-tie event or a boho beach party function, it’s always nice to introduce a twist to the celebration. However, make sure that your theme is appropriate for the venue.   


Whenever you’re having a hard time deciding on what themes to go for, the internet is your friend. Don’t be afraid to go all out and do some research to find the inspiration for your party function.


Setting your budget

After you’ve ticked off the date and the theme of your venue, it’s time to determine your budget. Always be realistic and decide on the party elements you’d like to splurge and save on. This way, you can have a better layout of where the money should go, and you won’t end up overspending.


Planning your guestlist

You’re almost done with the planning, but there’s still a lot of work left to do. Once you’ve ironed out the budget, you’ve got to start writing down the people you would like to invite. Bear in mind that the actual turnout may be lesser or even more than the estimate.


Hiring a venue or hosting it yourself

You’ve already called different venues and events places, which means you’ve already had an estimated cost and quote for every venue. Now, it’s time to assess whether booking a venue is more cost-effective than hosting the celebration on your own. Remember that there are pros and cons to each, so carefully consider which choice should you go for.  


Inviting your guests

Now, it’s finally time to tell your family, friends, and colleagues about the party function you’vebeen planning. You can invite through sending e-vites because paper invitations are outdated! Try creating a special event page on social media to help create a buzz around your party.  


Asking for some help 

Whether you hired a venue or you’re organising the party on your own, finding the right people to lend you some help on the day can significantly reduce the stress. Talk to the staff of the venue or enlist a few friends to sort and iron out the details of the party function.   


Three weeks before: 

Planning the details

Do you have some party ideas to tie in with your theme? If you don’t, this is the right time to plan for the little detailsDon’t hesitate to get inspiration online for your party decoration and setup


Creating a programme 

A party isn’t a good one without the games and activities, so start outlining the overview of how the party should progress. Having a set of schedule helps you keep track of the things that will be happening at the party, which means you can have twice the fun


Placing your orders

You’ve chosen and booked a venue, but how about the food? If the space you’ve booked doesn’t offer any catering service, it’s time to focus on it. Find suppliers not only for the food, but also for the decorations, the cake, and all the party favours.   


A week before:

Checking on everyone to follow up 

Call or email your suppliers to ask for updates about your reservations and orders. Don’t forget to reach out to your guests who have not responded to the invitation.   


Looking into the checklist once more

Having a successful party function takes a long time to plan, and some things can be forgotten along the way. That’s why it is extremely important to have a checklist for you to double-check every task beforehand.  


On the day:

Decorating and setting up the venue  

Whenever you hire a venue for your event, you won’t have to do much about the decorations. They’ll do it all for you. However, if you’re hosting the event yourself, let your inner interior designer shine! Try mixing and matching different decorations and flower arrangements to make the space pop with beautiful décor that match your theme.


Welcoming your guests  

Don’t forget to party as well! So, welcome your guests with enthusiasm as you set the tone for the rest of the day or night.   


Enjoying and relaxing

Since everything is already set, there shouldn’t be many issues that may arise during the party. That’s why you should enjoy and relax with your guests. Just remember that enjoying the rest of the night with your guests should be on top of your list.  


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